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FrontRunner™ by Frontrunner Bus

Frontrunner Bus is the manufacturer of the FrontRunner™, a mini transit bus designed for comfort and accessibility. It has a low floor, no steps and the lowest ramp angle in the industry. It makes entering and exiting easy for ambulatory passengers, wheelchairs and walkers.

Frontrunner Bus  has come to us for a new website. Their previous WordPress website was not working for them both aesthetically and functionally.

The new website has a Portal that is accessible to Government Employees only.

The design and user interface of the new website elevate the perception of the company by clients and places it where it belongs.

For over 30 years, Frontrunner Bus has been setting the standard in transportation as one of the United States’ largest manufacturers of commercial mobility vehicles.

Frontrunner Bus manufactures the game changing FrontRunner™ lowered floor mini bus.
This next generation lowered floor mini bus provides all the convenience and utility of a large transit bus in a compact 15 passenger size, accommodating up to 3 wheel chairs without requiring a Commercial Driver's License.

FrontRunner™ by New England Wheels
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