New Website for the Author and Actress Erin Chandler

WixCreate designed a beautiful new website for the author and actress Erin Chandler.

Erin just published her new book Cinderella Sweeping Up and is working on another book that is almost ready. She wanted to promote her books, so this was a perfect timing to get a newly designed website.

Wix website design for the author and actress Erin Chandler.

Website Design

The website uses a trending symmetrical stacked grid, which makes the site balanced and harmonious. This style is usually perfect for blocks of content that are hard to organize or connect visually.

The site makes use of the colors bright sun (#FFCB47), well read (#BF3434), and early dawn (#FFF9EB). These colors can be found back in many of the images on the site.

The font reswysokr has been used for titles and helvetica light has been used for the main content.

Website Functionality

The site contains Wix Stores to sell the books, and Wix Forms for the contact form on the Contact Us page. Both the mobile view and SEO on the site have been optimized.

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