New Website for Executive Edmonton

WixCreate designed a beautiful new website for the vacation rental Executive Edmonton.

This is the fifth website that we designed for Canadian owner Kathy Scott. Executive Edmonton is a brand-new, 3BR, 2.5BA duplex near the Mackinnon Ravine in downtown Edmonton.

Previously we designed the following vacation rental websites for Kathy:

Wix website design for vacation rental Executive Edmonton

Website Design

The website uses strips and columns and has been designed similar to the other four vacation rental websites, using the same colors and logo design.

The site makes use of the colors tory blue (#4A5385) and white (#FFFFFF) for strips and titles, and light sky blue (#99C9FF), for the buttons and logo.

The font lynotype didot italic has been used for titles and avenir light has been used for the main content.

Website Functionality

The site contains widgets from, a vacation rental booking software platform that integrates will with Wix websites. All the calendars and inquiry & booking forms are widgets from This means that even though it looks like interaction takes place on the Wix website, the interaction, e.g. bookings take place at's backend. Wix Forms has been used for the contact form on the Contact Us page. Both the mobile view and SEO on the site have been optimized.

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