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Wix Tutorial - Reset the value of an input element

When having a form or a search bar it's helpful to be able to clear the input element with a button or X using Wix Code.


User Input:

  • Name: #name

  • Email: #email

  • Phone: #phone

  • How would you like to be contacted?: #dropdown1

  • Message: #message

Button Element:

  • Reset Button: #resetButton  |  Add onClick event in the Properties Panel

Wix Code:

export function resetButton_click(event) {

    $w('#name').value = "";

    $w('#email').value = "";

    $w('#phone').value = "";

    $w('#message').value = "";

    $w('#dropdown1').value = "How would you like to be contacted?";









Wix Code reset input field value

Websites designed by WixCreate that use the above Wix Code:

We have used this code on our Example Store website and on this WixCreate website to clear the search bar after the close button is clicked. See: Example Store WixCreate.

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