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Wix Tutorial - Reviews Form, Database, and Repeater

Would you like to show reviews on your Wix website? Then using an input form to either enter the data yourself or have your site visitors enter reviews in combination with a database to store the review info and a repeater to show the reviews is the way to go.


You do not even have to use Wix Code for that. Simply link the form's input fields to the database to collect the data, and connect the database to a repeater to show the reviews in a consistent way exactly the way you want.

Steps involved

  • Turn on Wix Code.

  • Add a database (new collection) to your page.

  • Set the dataset of your database to Read & Write.

  • Add columns to the database (Title, Name, Stayed, Description, Rating). Note that all fields should be Text, except for the Ratings which should be a value.

  • Add input fields to your page (Title, Name, Stayed, Description, Rating, Submit Button), see demo below

  • Connect the input fields to the corresponding database columns by selecting the field and then select Connect to Data.

  • In case you like to edit and/or delete data, add a table (lists & grids) to your page and connect the table to your database.

  • Add a repeater (lists & grids) and format the repeater.

  • Add text fields to your repeater for Title, Name, Stayed, and Description.

  • Add the rating input element to your repeater.

  • Connect the elements in your repeater to the corresponding columns of the database.


The demo below shows the input fields, list, and repeater all on one page. Those can be added to different pages of course. In that case, make sure that you add the database with the reviews data to all the pages on which you would like to connect data.


Note: Because we added a table, you have to click the button "Add New Line for a Review" first before you can enter information to the form below!

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In case you are going to enter the reviews yourself to a form on a hidden page or have some kind of an admin form and page, then you also want to add a table that shows the reviews, and a Delete Review Button and Add New Review Button.

You can use the table to make these changes, i.e. when you select a row in the table, the input fields fill automatically with the information you added and you can edit or delete the information.

Adding a form, database, and repeater
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