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Wix Tutorial - Text Box with Show More, using Wix Code

Wix Code can be used to create expandable text boxes with read-more links. You can do this with static text, which is text that you type directly into the text element, or you can use dynamic text, which is text from one of your collections. You can also choose to have a simple "Show More" button that disappears once the full text is displayed, or you can define the button to toggle between showing the full text and the short text. 


  • Expandable Text Element: #Text1

  • Show More / Show Less Button: #myButton

Wix Code:

let fullText;
let shortText;

$w.onReady(function () {
    const shortTextLength = 200;
    fullText = $w("#Text1").text;
    shortText = fullText.substr(0, shortTextLength) + "...";
    $w("#Text1").text = shortText;

export function myButton_click(event) {
if ($w("#Text1").text === shortText) {
  $w("#Text1").text = fullText;
  $w("#myButton").label = "Show Less";    
} else {
  $w("#Text1").text = shortText;
  $w("#myButton").label = "Show More";


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Wix Code Text with Show More
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