Wix Corvid aka Wix Code integrates the great look of a Wix website with the ability to code a unique website. Most of the features included in Wix Corvid are just not possible with Wix' regular building tools.


At WixCreate we have designed many websites that use Wix Corvid. We offer:


  • custom JavaScript to page elements so that every interaction is unique to your website;

  • custom calculators to your site;

  • user forms and inputs that will be stored in your database;

  • repeating layouts on a page that are populated with database content;

  • dynamic pages with a single design that pull their content directly from your database;

  • control functionality with of Wix Corvid APIs;

  • custom scripts (slide, toggle, hover, and more) to increase user interactivity on your website;

  • search bar, reviews, or a wishlist for your Wix Store or your dynamic pages or repeating layouts.


To help you with your Wix Corvid and to give you a better understanding of the possibilities of Wix Corvid, WixCreate has prepared a Wix Tutorial for each example.


To better understand the Wix Corvid possibilities when you have a Wix Store, have a look at our Wix Example Store Website, which has a Store Search Bar, the possibility to leave Reviews, and a Wishlist. We can add these to your store as well and make your site more attractive for your customers!



Our latest projects

Nonprofit Learning Lab
Nonprofit Learning Lab

WixCreate was asked to develop a platform for online conferences, a resource library, and a consultants directory.

Aracanto Colombia Luxury Travel
Aracanto Colombia Luxury Travel

WixCreate was asked to custom code a booking service with payment integration.

Bundle + Bump
Bundle + Bump

WixCreate was asked incorporate a custom order form and calculates for stork rental into the website design.

Victorian Power Savers
Victorian Power Savers

WixCreate was asked make dynamic pages with case studies with a dropdown filter and search bar.



Click the examples below to learn more

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Button to Expand Box with Wix Code

A button to expand a box can be used for menu functions. For instance, a mega menu.

Using a dropdown to move to another point on a page

Clicking an item in the dropdown box will move you to another point on the page. In this case to any of the colored boxes.

Using Tab to move to the next input field on a form.

Using Tab to move to the next input field on a custom form doesn't work unless using Wix Code/Corvid.

Reset the Value of an Input Field

When having a form or a search bar it's helpful to be able to clear the input element with a button or X using Wix Code.

Pass Dates between Two Datepickers

Pass dates from one Wix Datepicker to another. By using that information, a minimum date will be set for the second datepicker. 

Calculate Number of Nights between Dates

Pick two dates in the datepickers and the number of nights in between those dates will be automatically calculated.

Disable Days on your Datepicker

This tutorial will show you how to disable certain days of the week or any dates from your Wix Datepicker.

Add a Word Counter using Wix Code

This code counts the words that you type in a text box.

Change the Color of a Box with Wix Code

Change the color of a box to predefined colors by clicking on it.

Redirect to Another Page with Wix Code

This code lets you automatically redirect to another page after a short time delay.