6 Facts About Wix

Check out 6 facts why Wix is the fastest growing website platform in the world.

7 Facts about Wix

Did you know that Wix at this moment has:

  1. More than 125 million registered users in 190 countries around the world. Wix has more than 500 template sites for everyone; photographers, musicians, small business owners, entrepreneurs, students, and many more. Besides the templates, custom sites that reflect you or your brand can easily be created by dragging and dropping elements.

  2. About 2 million new users each month, that are more than 65,000 new sign ups on average, every day!

  3. More than 2,000 employees working at 11 Sites around the world and Wix is planning to open even more. Currently Wix has offices in Tel Aviv and Beer Sheba (Israel), New York, San Francisco, and Miami (USA), Vilnius (Lithuania), Berlin (Germany), Sao Paul and Santana de Parnaiba (Brasil), and Dniprokyiv (Ukraine).

  4. 50% Of it's employees working in R&D. That help keeping complex techy processes behind the curtain while creating innovative features and apps, which guarantee that your experience is simple, fun and code-free.

  5. 0 Sales people working for them. They don't need any because Wix sells itself.

  6. An online market place called the Wix Arena, where you can hire a Wix Expert who can design a beautiful and functional Wix website for you at an affordable price that will save you a lot of time and a headache. We at WixCreate are one of the Wix Experts. You can find us here.