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Wix Website Design for Vacation Rentals

Wix is a powerful platform for vacation rental owners, offering robust and user-friendly solutions to streamline the process of managing properties online. At WixCreate, we don’t just design websites; we bring firsthand experience in owning and managing vacation rentals. This unique perspective allows us to truly understand the specific needs and challenges of vacation rental websites.

Why Choose WixCreate?

Our personal experience with vacation rentals equips us with the insight to anticipate the demands of the industry, ensuring that your website not only looks great but functions perfectly for both property owners and guests. While Wix offers its own booking platform called Wix Hotels, we find its functionalities can be limited for the dynamic needs of vacation rentals. Instead, we recommend more specialized solutions like OwnerRez, Lodgify, or BnBForms to fully optimize your booking processes.

Seamless Integration with OwnerRez and Listing Sites

Integrating your Wix website with OwnerRez, a top-rated property management software, allows for a centralized system to manage bookings from popular vacation rental sites such as VRBO, Airbnb, and At WixCreate, we expertly set up this integration, ensuring that your property listings are synced across all platforms, increasing your booking opportunities, and simplifying the management process.

Alternative Booking Platforms: Lodgify and BnBForms

In addition to OwnerRez, we also recommend Lodgify and BnBForms as robust and affordable booking platforms. These platforms provide comprehensive features tailored to the vacation rental market, from payment processing to guest communications. At WixCreate, we help you select and integrate the best booking platform that fits your business needs, ensuring your website operates smoothly and efficiently.

Customizable Booking Features

Wix enables the implementation of customizable booking features on your website, such as real-time availability calendars, online booking forms and automated notifications, and guest reviews. We ensure these features are seamlessly integrated and styled to match your branding, enhancing both functionality and aesthetic appeal.

Optimized for Performance and User Engagement

We leverage Wix’s capabilities to create vacation rental websites that are visually appealing and highly functional. This includes designing beautiful property galleries, clear calls to action to encourage bookings, and responsive layouts that look great on any device.

Showcase of Vacation Rental Websites Designed by WixCreate

WixCreate has expertly crafted over 30 websites specifically for vacation rentals. To demonstrate the effectiveness of Wix for vacation rental websites, here are a few examples of sites designed by WixCreate:

This comprehensive property management website lists over 60 rental properties. Features include a detailed vacation rental database, versatile search options, OwnerRez booking calendars, and user-friendly inquiry and booking forms. Visitors can also view property reviews, photo galleries, and maps with locations and links to each rental.

WIXCreate Website - Beach Boutique Rentals

Managed by the owner, this website showcases 6 unique vacation rental houses. It integrates Lodgix as its booking platform, enhancing the user experience with its stunning layout, engaging videos and images, and captivating blog posts that draw numerous visitors.

This property management website not only boasts a vibrant design and utilizes OwnerRez for efficient booking management but also features a robust database that simplifies adding and editing property pages. The site's inviting colors and imagery create a welcoming atmosphere, and its user-friendly interface is fully optimized for search engine visibility, making it easy to manage and attractive to visitors.

This elegant website represents 5 vacation rental villas and uses LMPM software for vacation rental property management. The layout is user-friendly and visually appealing. Additionally, the website includes useful pages featuring an area guide, local activities, and options for group rentals, enhancing the overall visitor experience.

WIXCreate Website - Aloha Villas

Ready to Enhance Your Vacation Rental Business?

If you're considering a Wix website for your vacation rental business, contact us to receive a free estimate. Discover how WixCreate can tailor a site to meet the unique needs of your vacation rental business, informed by our own experiences as property owners.

Enhance your online presence, streamline your booking process, and provide a superior experience for your guests with WixCreate.



Welcome to WIXCreate, your top-level WIX Partner! Our experienced team of digital professionals has built hundreds of beautiful and functional websites using the WIX platform for companies and organizations around the world.


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  • Ongoing website maintenance and support

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