How to Add Facebook Pixel to Wix

If you're having a Wix website and use Facebook Ads then it's a good idea to install Facebook Pixel on your website to track conversions as a result of Facebook Ads.

Facebook Ads can retarget specific audiences and give you valuable insight into how your users are interacting with your website content.

What is Facebook Pixel?

A pixel is a small piece of code created by Facebook that you can then install on your Wix website. When you install a pixel on a website page’s code, you’re actually placing an invisible 1×1 pixel image. This image sends information to Facebook when a customer completes an action on your website.

Facebook Pixel gives you a wide range of actions, which include:

  • View content

  • Search

  • Add to cart

  • Add to wishlist

  • Start checkout process

  • Add payment information

  • Complete purchase

  • Lead

  • Complete registration

You can also now customize parameters for the above actions. The available parameters are:

  • Value currency

  • Content name

  • Content category

  • Content ID

  • Content type

  • Number of items

  • Search string

  • Status

For more information about actions and parameters, read Using the Marketing API with the Facebook Pixel.

How to Install Facebook Pixels on Your Wix Website

To install Facebook Pixels follow these steps:

1. Go to your Pixels tab in the Facebook Events Manager and select the correct account.

Facebook account in Facebook Event Manager
Facebook account in Facebook Event Manager

2. Click Get Started in Facebook Pixel: Track Website Activities.