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WixCreate offers beautifully executed, creative expert design solutions

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Wix Create specializes in creating custom websites. Through innovative design and the latest technology, we create user-friendly sites.


We listen to your needs and vision to create quality content that specifically addresses your business needs, answers visitors’ questions, builds trust, and leads visitors to the call to action.

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Wix Create creates attractive sites with SEO (Search Engine Optimization) in mind. SEO enables you to get better ranking for your site on the web.


A higher ranking for your website will increase the possibility of your site getting more views. More traffic to your site is important because the people who view your website may become your customers.




If your website needs more functionality than feasible with Wix's regular building tools, you need Wix Corvid. With Wix Corvid anything is possible!


We specialize in Wix Corvid aka Wix Code.  Wix Create is featured as a Wix Corvid Expert on Totally Codable, a website dedicated to the Wix Corvid Community with invaluable Wix Corvid resources. WixCreate has designed many websites that use Wix Corvid.

Wix Corvid



After your website can be found online it is important to continuously stay up to date on the latest developments.


To be found in Google search it's important to offer new information and to regularly add content to the website.


You can easily change and maintain your website yourself or have us do that for you.

Wix Website Maintenance





Wix Create provides custom expert programming options for every website built. This is what makes our websites different. They’re built specifically to address your business needs.


We provide you with the tools you need to connect with your customers and manage your content.


Wix Create uses Wix as a platform. is a leading cloud-based web development platform with over 150 million users worldwide. 


Wix's user-friendliness and advanced functionality help designers get more done in less time providing you with a more affordable website, beautifully designed, and without limitations.

- Linda Lou

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All of our websites are 100% custom designed. We never use pre-made templates. We start with a Website Questionnaire, where we learn more about you, your company, and your customers. You will share other websites you like the look and feel of along with any fonts, colors, or any other design directions you have.


We’re so confident you’ll like our design for your website that we will design a draft home page before you sign or pay anything. If you like the design, we can then move forward in working together. If not, there are no hard feelings and no further obligations.

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Our clients are mainly small businesses, creatives, and other professionals. As official Wix Experts and Wix Agency Partner, we stay current on the latest design and website trends, and Wix developments so you don't have to. We are specialized in Wix Code, Forms & Databases, E-Commerce, Art Stores, Photographers Portfolios, Blogs, Restaurants, Vacation Rentals & Hotels, Bookings, SEO, and much more.

Wix Create is featured as a Wix Code Expert on
Totally Codable, a website dedicated to the Wix Code Community with invaluable Wix Code resources. Wix Create has designed many websites that use Wix Code. To see our Wix Code portfolio and tutorials go to our Wix Code Page.



Our latest projects

In case you're looking for more site functionality, check out our Wix Code / Wix Corvid Portfolio as well.

The Dap Project
The Dap Project

Designed and migrated website from GoDaddy.

Shabby to Chic
Shabby to Chic

Full website redesign.

Pinebrook Montessori Daycare
Pinebrook Montessori Daycare

Completely new website!

Women on a Mission
Women on a Mission

Redesign of site, mobile optimization, etc.



Examples of website packages.​

We will customize to meet your project scope and needs







What Others Say

I heartily recommend Linda for any project that involves website design.


Linda is pleasant, professional and easy to get along with. She also works well independently and can take a basic concept and run with it, turning good ideas into great ideas, and making your website attractive, useful and easy to negotiate.


Linda is prompt and responds quickly, so you know where your project stands at all times. There is no second-guessing or mystery with Linda. She is an excellent communicator who works hard to gain and keep her client’s trust. Indeed, Linda communicates so the lay person can understand and does not use techo-babble or talk down to her client. Linda is great at giving recommendations and giving the client choices and making them feel like they are part of the process. It is never “her way or the highway.”


Finally, Linda understands the importance of meeting deadlines. She is a diligent worker and puts her clients’ needs first and does not leave them in limbo.


It is my pleasure to recommend Linda for projects that require an experienced and accomplished web designer. You will not be disappointed.

Tommy Barton

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