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How long does it take to design a WIX website?

How long it takes to design a WIX website is the number one question we get from most prospective clients when performing a website design project. The website design time depends on a variety of criteria.

This post describes the main five criteria that will determine how long it will take to design a WIX website.

Let's start by looking at some numbers:


10-15 page WIX website

3-4 weeks


Sitemap is not ready

Add 1-2 weeks

Content is not ready

Add 2-6 weeks


Over 15 pages

Add 1-2 weeks

Over 50 pages

Add 2-4 weeks

Over 100 pages

Add 4-8 weeks


Over 5 distinctive page designs

Add 1-2 weeks

Over 10 unique page designs

Add 2-3 weeks


Additional WIX Apps

Add 1 week

WIX Velo (coding)

Add 1-5 weeks


3 stakeholders

Add 20%

Each additional stakeholder over 3

Add 10%

A simple 10-15 page WIX website should take around 3-4 weeks to create. This estimate is for a custom design. If someone promises you that they can design your WIX website in a week, it's not a custom design.

The five criteria that determine how long it takes to design a WIX website are as follows:


The speed at which the content material, such as text and images, may be delivered is by far the most significant constraint to a website's launch date. Because the client supplies the content, this is usually the most difficult barrier to overcome. They're also frequently too busy with their business' day-to-day operations to devote the necessary time to organizing and preparing the content. This is something we've tried to address in our website design process.


The length of time it takes to design a new WIX website is largely determined by the size of the project. Larger websites take longer to build than small ones. In general, the larger a website is, the bigger the project becomes and the longer it takes. That's because each extra page requires QA (quality assurance), mobile design, graphics, SEO tagging, and so on...

Distinctive Page Designs

Size isn't always important. For example, a 15-page website may take a long time to develop if each one of the pages is distinct from the next. Not only is the total number of pages essential, but also the total number of different page designs.

A distinctive page layout and style is unlike any other page on the website. If you look at most websites, the homepage has a distinct design, but the other pages look the same.

The most complicated and costly sites are those that contain numerous distinct pages. They also take longer to design, which affects how quickly the website can go live.

Website Functionality

The design of a WIX website isn't the only consideration when it comes to how long it takes to go live. Functionality is also crucial.

What is website functionality? The website's functionality is what it can do and how it functions. Everything from user actions to dynamic content and interaction is included.

Examples are WIX Apps such as:

  • Blog

  • Store

  • Video Library

  • Photo Gallery

  • Forms

  • Event Calendar

  • Chat

  • Location map

Another example is the use of WIX Velo (javascript code). Some custom interactions and functionality are just not possible with WIX's regular elements or apps and need to be coded. The time it takes to code heavily depends on the complexity.

Number of Stakeholders Involved

Here is another factor to consider when it comes to website design time. How many stakeholders will the project have? This simply means how many individuals will have a role in the design process.

In our experience, the time it takes to complete a website project shoots up in proportion with each new stakeholder brought on board.


You may be asking yourself what you can do to help ensure that your website is built as quickly as possible. After all, one of the hidden expenses in pricing your website is time.

The sitemap is essential to consider when quickly designing a new website. The sitemap is the structure of the site's pages, it defines how all pages are interconnected. Getting clear on the sitemap, determining the number of pages, which ones will be uniquely designed and how they will link to one another can go a long way toward properly defining your website project's scope and ensuring that it is delivered on time.

Are you looking for a reliable website design business that finishes your project quickly? Learn more about how we can help you get the best-looking design in record time by contacting us today.



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