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It's Now Possible to Import WordPress Blog Posts to the Wix Blog!

This is great news for both website designers who are requested to move WordPress sites to the Wix platform and for WordPress website owners who want to move their sites to the Wix platform.

As it wasn't possible till a couple of days ago to automatically import WordPress blog posts to the Wix blog, this had to be done manually by literally copying and pasting text and photos into one blog post at a time. This was of course very time-consuming which often made it impossible to offer the transfer of a WordPress site that included blog posts to Wix at a decent cost.

How does importing WordPress blog posts to the Wix blog work?

It's very easy, you can import the posts in a few clicks! To import posts from WordPress to Wix, you have to:

  1. Add the Wix Blog to your site.

  2. Go to the Posts tab in your site's dashboard and click the Import icon.

  3. Click Get Started.

  4. Enter the URL of the WordPress site and click Next

  5. Select the checkbox to confirm that the site is yours. Check if the site name, URL, and number of posts look right.

  6. Click Yes, Import Posts.

  7. Click Publish in the Editor to show the imported posts on your site.

It may take a few minutes, but now the WordPress blog posts should be imported to your Wix Blog.

Make sure to set up 301-page redirects from your old WordPress posts to your new Wix posts to avoid losing any of the SEO juice.

What gets imported?

There are a few things to keep in mind when importing WordPress blog posts to the Wix blog:

  • Only published posts will be imported. Any drafts or scheduled posts will not be imported.

  • Transferred posts will show text, images, videos, post dates and times, categories, and alt text.

  • The formatting may not be imported, so that is something you will have to check.

  • Contact forms, custom plugins, and manually inserted code, for instance HTML, and CSS snippets, will not be imported.

  • The author's name will not be imported.

Note that only Wix site owners can import from WordPress to Wix!

Would you like to move your WordPress website to Wix? Let us at WixCreate help you with a beautiful and functional website, which you can maintain yourself without the help of a web developer.



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