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Adding Copyright Symbols in Wix: A Comprehensive Guide

We often receive inquiries from clients about how to incorporate ™, ®, and © symbols into their Wix websites, as well as other platforms and documents. Fortunately, it's incredibly easy to include these symbols within your text using simple key commands. In this comprehensive guide, We will provide you with detailed instructions for adding copyright symbols on both PC and Mac devices, along with some additional information on their significance.

Example of Copyright Symbols
Example of Copyright Symbols

Why Use Copyright Symbols?

Copyright symbols are essential for protecting your intellectual property rights and indicating the legal status of your content. By using these symbols, you can assert your ownership and prevent others from unauthorized use or infringement of your work. Including copyright symbols in your website or documents showcases your professionalism and ensures that your content is legally recognized.

Adding Copyright Symbols on a Mac

  1. ® Registered Trademark symbol: Press and hold the "Option" key, then press "R." This will display the registered trademark symbol (®), which indicates that a trademark is registered with the appropriate authorities.

  2. ™ Trademark symbol: Press and hold the "Option" key, then press "2." This will insert the trademark symbol (™), which is used to indicate that a word, phrase, symbol, or design is a trademark.

  3. © Copyright symbol: Press and hold the "Option" key, then press "G." This will add the copyright symbol (©), which signifies that the work is protected by copyright and prohibits unauthorized reproduction or distribution.

Adding Copyright Symbols on a PC

  1. ® Registered Trademark symbol: Press and hold the "Alt" key, then type "0174" on the numeric keypad (ensure that Num Lock is on). Release the Alt key, and the symbol will appear.

  2. ™ Trademark symbol: Press and hold the "Alt" key, then type "0153" on the numeric keypad. Release the Alt key to display the symbol.

  3. © Copyright symbol: Press and hold the "Alt" key, then type "0169" on the numeric keypad. Release the Alt key to showcase the symbol.

Remember to enable Num Lock on your keyboard's numeric keypad when entering the numeric codes for the symbols.

Enhancing Your Website's Professionalism

By utilizing these simple key commands, you can effortlessly incorporate the ™, ®, and © symbols into your Wix website, along with any other website or document. These symbols not only indicate your legal rights but also enhance the professionalism and credibility of your content. Visitors to your site will recognize the symbols as signs of quality and protection, instilling trust in your brand and creations.

Maintaining Legal Compliance

It's important to note that while copyright symbols provide a layer of protection, they should be used in conjunction with proper copyright registration and intellectual property strategies. In many countries, copyright is automatically granted upon the creation of an original work. However, official copyright registration with the appropriate authorities strengthens your legal position and provides additional benefits in case of infringement.

Incorporate Copyright Symbols Today

By following these instructions, you can easily add the ™, ®, and © symbols to your Wix website or any other platform or document. Protect your intellectual property, demonstrate professionalism, and enhance your online presence with these recognizable and legally significant symbols.

Automate Your Copyright Year in Wix

For those who are looking to streamline their website maintenance further, consider automating the update of your copyright year. Our latest guide, "Automate Copyright Year in Wix with Velo - Easy Guide", walks you through setting up a simple script in Velo by Wix that automatically updates the copyright notice every year. This addition ensures your website remains current and legally compliant with minimal effort. Dive into the guide to enhance your site's professionalism and efficiency. If you have any further questions or need additional assistance, feel free to reach out.



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