Google Added Favicons to Mobile Search Results


Pull out your phone and do any search. Any search. See the little company icons next to each search result? That's new.

These come from favicons. Which are the little images that show up in your browser tabs for the site you have visited.

Google rolled out a new look for mobile search results which includes favicons in SERPs.

The website name and its favicon appears at the top of the results card, as shown in the image.

Google says this new look is helpful to searchers as they can more easily scan the page of results and decide which source to get their information from.

How to get the favicon to show on your mobile Wix website?

The good news is that contrary to other platforms, where you have to add a link tag to the header of your home page, you don't have to do absolutely nothing to show the favicon in the mobile search results when you have a Wix website because Wix already took care of it!

If you don't see a favicon next to your site in Google's search results, then make sure that you have uploaded a favicon image to your site:

  • Go to Settings in your site's dashboard.

  • Click Manage next to Favicon.

  • Click Upload Image.

  • Select an image or click Upload Images to upload one from your computer.

Google recommends to upload an image that has a size of a multiple of 16 X 16 pixels in .jpg or .png format.

Also, the above only works if you have a Wix Premium Plan (not for free websites) and if you have a domain connected to your site.

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