How to Add PDF to WIX

Would you like to share your PDF documents on a Wix website? There are several ways to do that. To share a pdf document, you first have to upload the document to your website's library, except when you are using Google Drive for your documents.

To upload a document to your Wix website:

  • Click Media on the left side of the Editor.

  • Click the Upload Media icon.

  • Choose your file(s) from your computer.

There are several ways to display your uploaded pdf document on your Wix website:

  • Add a document button.

  • Link a document to an element on your Wix website.

  • Display Google Drive documents directly on your Wix website.

  • Display PDF files directly on your Wix website with the Wix PDF Viewer.

When you upload a PDF document to Wix and show it as a document button or link it, unfortunately, renames the document to something like "5cf02b_2e94bc23d92344138f50aa8c5780671e.pdf" instead of using what you named your file in the media library. This is a problem if you have files you want customers to download with filenames that tell them what it is (like Welcome-Package.pdf).

If you use Google Drive or the Wix PDF Viewer, it opens PDFs directly in the browser window, showing it the viewer immediately, and it gives them options to save and print the file. When they download the PDF file, it will keep the filename you originally used when uploading it to Google Drive, so it's easy for your users to identify.

Add a Document Button

Let visitors download documents from your site in one click.  Simply choose your button and add your document file. 

To add a document button:

  1. Click Add on the left side of the Editor.

  2. Click More.

  3. Click a button under Document Buttons, or drag it the relevant location on your page.

  4. Select your document or click Upload Docs.

  5. Click Add to Page.

Link a Document to an Element on Your Wix Website

Link your element to a specific document such as an image or button. Visitors will be able to download the document by clicking the element.

To link a text element to a document:

  1. Click the text element.

  2. Click Edit Text.

  3. Highlight the relevant text.

  4. Click the Link icon.

  5. Select Documents as the link type.

  6. Click Choose file and select your file from your Media Manager.

  7. Choose whether your link opens in a new window or the current window.

  8. Click Done.