Tutorial - How to Create an Admin Page on Your Wix Website

Are you designing websites for others and would like to know how your client can change text and images on their website without having to go into the Wix Editor, then this tutorial is for you!


We are going to use an "In the Press" page as an example. This page has to be regularly updated whenever someone writes an article about our client's business. We would like our client to update the "In the Press" page herself without having to go into the Wix Editor.

We will need the following for our example:

  1. A regular page called "In the Press" with placeholder images and text.

  2. A dashboard page called "Admin Page" with Input Fields.

  3. A database called "Main In the Press".

  4. A database called "Repeater In the Press".

  5. Connect the databases through a dataset to the Input Fields of the Admin Fields.

  6. Create Tables on the Admin Page and connect the Tables to the datasets.

  7. Connect the placeholder images and texts on the "In the Press" page to the databases through a dataset.

The Input Fields on the Admin Page will be connected to the two database so that the information that will be added by the client will be stored in the databases.

The placeholder images and text on the In the Press Page will be connected to the two databases as well so that they will be replaced with the information from the databases on the live site.

To get a good understanding of how to set up something like the above, we will go through the process in a chronological order. We will first create the design, then setup the databases and then connect everything to the databases.

1. Design the "In the Press" page

Design the "In the Press" page with a placeholder image and text, and add a repeater with a placeholder image and text, to show the articles.

Make sure that you make the text fields wide enough so that they can contain more text.

Our "In the Press" page looks like this in the Wix Editor:

In the press - example page
In the Press Example Page, in the Wix Editor

The pictures and text added to the "In the Press" page are just placeholder pictures and text. They will be replaced by what our client adds to the Admin page on the live website.

To view the live website example, click on "In the Press".