How to Use Google Maps in Your Wix New Blog

Would you like to add a map to your blog post and just found out that Wix' Apps don't work in blog posts? Well there is a way around that.

Use a Free Map Generator that You Can Embed

Use the free map generator Embed Google Map and get your map in your blog post in just a few clicks!

This is what you should do:

  • Go to

  • Add the name of the area eg Aruba

  • Zoom the map the way you would like it to appear.

  • Set the dimensions; you probably have to play a little with this. I started with 900 px but then saw it was too wide for the blog. Probably best to limit the width to 700 px.

  • Click Get HTML-Code

  • Copy the HTML-Code

In the Wix New Blog

Now go to your blog post in Wix

  • Click + in your blog post and select </>

  • Click the +pencil

  • Paste the code

  • Click Update

  • Click on the map that you just inserted and set the width |<->| and height of the map. Best to use the same dimensions as you used in Embed Google Map. I ended up using 700 x 400 px.

The Result

That's it, you're all set now. The map (700 x 400 px) looks like this: