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Why PNG Files Can Slow Down Your Website and How to Convert Them to JPG

A slow-loading website can drive away visitors, affect your search engine rankings, and ultimately hurt your business. One common issue that can slow down your site is the use of PNG files, especially for screenshots. While PNG files are great for maintaining image quality, they are often larger than necessary and can significantly impact your site’s performance. In this blog post, we'll explore why PNG files can slow down your website and how you can easily convert them to more efficient JPG/JPEG files.

Why PNG Files Slow Down Your Website

  1. File Size: PNG files are typically larger than JPG files because they retain higher quality and support transparency. This larger file size means longer load times for your website.

  2. Bandwidth Usage: Larger files consume more bandwidth, which can slow down your site for users with slower internet connections or limited data plans.

  3. Resource Intensive: Loading large PNG files can be more resource-intensive for browsers, affecting the overall performance of your website.

The Role of Wix Image Compression

Wix automatically compresses images to help improve load times and site performance. However, PNG files, due to their format, cannot be compressed as effectively as JPG files. This makes converting PNG files to JPG a vital step in optimizing your website's speed.

The Solution: Convert PNG Files to JPG/JPEG

JPG files are usually smaller in size and more suitable for web use, especially for photos and screenshots that do not require transparency. Converting your PNG files to JPG can help improve your website's load speed and overall performance.

How to Convert PNG Files to JPG/JPEG

There are several easy ways to convert PNG files to JPG/JPEG. Here are a few methods:

  1. Online Converters

  • TinyPNG: A popular tool for compressing and converting PNG files. Simply upload your PNG file, and TinyPNG will compress and convert it to JPG.

  • Convertio: An online tool that supports various file conversions, including PNG to JPG. Upload your file, select the output format, and download the converted file.

  1. Image Editing Software

  • Adobe Photoshop: Open your PNG file in Photoshop, go to 'File' > 'Save As', and choose JPG as the format.

  • GIMP: A free alternative to Photoshop. Open your PNG file in GIMP, go to 'File' > 'Export As', and select JPG.

  1. Built-in Tools

  • Windows Paint: Open the PNG file in Paint, click on 'File' > 'Save as', and choose JPG as the format.

  • Preview on Mac: Open the PNG file in Preview, go to 'File' > 'Export', and select JPEG.

Step-by-Step Guide Using an Online Converter (TinyPNG)
  1. Visit TinyPNG: Go to

  2. Upload Your PNG File: Click the upload area to select your PNG file or drag and drop your file into the upload area.

  3. Download the Compressed File: TinyPNG will automatically compress your file. Once done, click 'Download' to save the file to your computer. Note that TinyPNG primarily compresses files but offers JPG conversion through TinyJPG.

Step-by-Step Guide Using Windows Paint
  1. Open Paint: Right-click your PNG file and select 'Open with Paint'.

  2. Save as JPG: Click on 'File' > 'Save as' and select 'JPEG picture'. Choose the destination folder and save the file.

Step-by-Step Guide Using Preview on Mac
  1. Open Preview: Double-click your PNG file to open it in Preview.

  2. Export as JPEG: Go to 'File' > 'Export'. In the format dropdown menu, select 'JPEG'. Choose the destination folder and save the file.


Optimizing your website’s load speed is essential for providing a good user experience and improving your SEO rankings. Converting PNG files to JPG can reduce file sizes and improve your website's performance. While Wix helps by compressing images, PNG files do not compress as effectively as JPG files, making this conversion step even more important.

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