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You need to login to Wix to get access to your Wix account but, in addition, there are two different login windows that you may have on your site. One of them is related to the Members Area, and the other one is related to Password-Protected Pages.

Login to Your Wix Account

If you want to access your website's Dashboard or the Wix Editor, then you have to Login to your Wix account. Simply go to wix.com and click Sign In.

Login to Your Wix Account
Login to Your Wix Account

Once you have signed in, you can access your site's Dashboard. From the Dashboard you can manage your site, including accessing the Wix Editor, editing your site settings, managing your contacts, settings up payment methods and more.

If you do not have a Wix account yet, you need to sign up first before you can sign in.

You also need to sign up first if you had someone design a website for you and you received an email from your Wix with the request to accept the transfer of the website to your ownership. See our blog post How to Accept Ownership of a Wix Website.

Login to Your Wix Member Account

You can add a Member's Area to any Wix website and create private pages that are only accessible to your members. Wix Stores, Wix Bookings, and Wix Forum all come with a Member's Area included so you don't need to add it.

To add a Member's Area:

  1. Click Add on the left side of the Editor;

  2. Click Members;

  3. Click Add to Site.

The Member's Area comprises of four parts:

  1. The login bar automatically appears in your site's header after you have added the Member's Area. Members can use it to sign up, and log in and out of your site.

  2. Signup forms are for new members to sign up.

  3. Login forms are for existing members to login.

  4. Member pages can be accessed by members once they logged in.

You can read more about Member's Areas in Wix Support's About Members Area.

Login to Your Password-Protected Page.

If you have a password-protected page on your Wix website, you will have a password window. This window is displayed when a visitor accesses a page that you have protected with a password. Only those visitors who know the password can view the page.

To password protect a page:

  • Click Menus & Pages on the left side of the Editor.

  • Click the relevant page.

  • Click the Show More icon.

  • Click Settings.

  • Click the Permissions tab.

  • Click Password Holders.

  • Enter the page's password. 

  • Select the language of your login screen. 

You can read more about password-protected pages in Wix Support's Password Protecting Your Site or a Specific Page.

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