WIX Pricing, What Are the Cost for a WIX Website?

There are usually three types of costs involved when you like to have a website:

  1. One time website design cost

  2. Anual hosting cost (WIX Premium Plan)

  3. Anual domain cost

One Time Website Design Cost

We want to make our website design pricing clear and simple so you can understand what your money is going towards. Our website prices are based on the scope of the project, which consists of:

  • The total number of pages

  • The total number of unique page templates

  • Any type of unique functionality

The Total Number of Pages

When you click on something and it takes you to another URL, that is a page. A page could be any URL, such as the company’s ‘about us’ or ‘contact us page.

For example, these are the 14 main pages of our WIXCreate website:

The Total Number of Unique Page Templates

Page templates are one-of-a-kind pages with a unique design.

This is an example of a home page that has a unique design:

These are pages on the same website that share the same page template:

These are pages on the same website that all have different page templates:

Unique Functionality

We also take into account a website's unique functionality when it comes to how we price it. This includes things like for instance:

  • Display and sell your digital or physical goods in an online store