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Adding Keywords to Your Wix Website

The goal of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is to help search engines understand what your Wix website is about so they can recommend it to Internet users.

Keywords are the connection between your website and a search engine. They help search engines identify what your site is about, and how relevant it is when a certain term or phrase is searched for by the user.

Search engines won’t spend all day crawling and indexing your Wix site. To make sense of your site search engines look for keywords at your URL, your titles and descriptions, your content and your image alt text.

As a website owner, you need to help Google know when to display your site in the results of someone’s search. Through SEO, you can help search engines know what you offer and why you are a reputable resource, offering information that visitors will value.

Why finding the right keywords for your Wix website is important

If you want the best chance of your Wix website appearing in Search Engine Results Pages (SERP), then you will have to optimize your site for the right keywords.

You preferably would look for keywords that have a high search volume so that your website will have more opportunities in the SERP, and low competition so that you won’t be fighting multiple companies for a piece of the pie.

Tips to find the right keywords for your Wix website

There are a variety of tools and techniques you can use to conduct keyword research. The goal remains the same: to find the search terms that your customers are entering into search engines when looking for a business like yours.

There's no "one right way" to do keyword research and everyone's approach varies. The best is to create a list of words that will work for you as a business owner.

Start by making a list of terms and phrases associated with what you do. You can:

  • Put yourself in the shoes of your customers. For example, while you might describe yourself as a “garden designer,” your potential clients are far more likely to be looking for a “landscaper.” Even if you don’t think of yourself in this way – your clients do and with keywords, that’s what matters.

  • Analyze what keywords competitors are using. Review their Page Titles and the topics of the pages on their site.

With this list of relevant terms and phrases, you want to do keyword research to determine which keywords have a high search volume and low competition.

Keyword Research

Once you have created an initial list of keywords, you will have to narrow down your list with quantitative data through keyword research. Keyword research can be a difficult and daunting task. It can feel like a huge project, and there are quite a few pitfalls that make it feel even harder. That's why many businesses outsource keyword research.

At WixCreate, we do keyword research for all the websites that we design and we also do paid keyword research projects to optimize existing sites. We use paid tools that give us an enormous amount of information such as how many people are searching for specific terms each month and what websites are ranking for those terms. They also recommend related terms and can tell us if a keyword is very competitive.

If you would like to do keyword research yourself, there are several free keyword research tools available. Here are some examples:

  1. Tagcrowd shows you the word frequency by creating word/text/tag clouds. You are able to see a competitor’s most frequent keywords for a given page by pasting a competitor's webpage URL, or website page text in Tagcrowd.

  2. What's My SERP is a Chrome browser add-on. By entering a search query into Google, Keywords Everywhere shows you information about the Google keyword search volume and cost-per-click data. The cost-per-click data is an indication of how competitive a keyword is. In addition, What's My SERP also has a tool that lets you check a website’s position and view search results for a specified location. There is no plugin required for this tool and it's completely free. See SERP Check.

  3. Merchant Words is the perfect keyword research tool for Amazon store owners. It calculates keyword volume, search ranking, and search trends. You can use Merchant Words for free with a limited amount of keywords.

  4. Keyword.Guru collects search results from Google, Yahoo, BingAmazon, and eBay. Once you start typing, it delivers results based on what people are searching for in real-time. It does not display any information regarding keyword search volume, but it shows you the most common searches for a certain keyword. These real search results, help you infer which keyword phrases are most often used.

  5. Keyword Sheeter literally spews out keywords. The program uses Google Autocomplete for queries.

Now that you have your list of relevant keywords and have an idea about the keyword's search volume and competitiveness, you will have to map the keywords to your content by choosing 1-4 primary keywords to target on each page.

How to optimize your Wix website with keywords

Up till a few years ago, keyword optimization was all about stuffing your site content with as many keywords as possible. Nowadays, keyword stuffing is a huge no-no!

When you add keywords to your text, use them in an organic way, keeping them in their correct context. There are a few places, though, where you want to add your keywords, simply because that is where Search Engines look at your site. Those are:

Use keyword research to continually refocus on what your customers are searching for. Then optimize your site so that you do the best job to give your customers what they are searching for.


Do you need any help with keyword research or SEO, or would you like us to design a beautiful, functional, and relevant Wix website for you? Contact WixCreate, we will create an online presence that works for you.



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