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9 Chrome Extensions for Designing Your Wix Website

To help you get the most out of your WIX web designing journey, we've gathered a list of the top 9 Google Chrome extensions for WIX website designers.

We use Chrome extensions because they're easy to install and they live on your browser rather than having to be installed on your local machine. This makes Chrome extension great for designers because you can quickly find the Chrome extension you need without having to download anything new.

Using these chrome extensions can add another layer of customization for an optimal design outcome. They're easy to install and use straight from your browser. Let's check them out!

  1. Colorpick Eyedropper - add a color picker tool to chrome. This chrome extension adds the ability to sample colors from anywhere on your screen while using Chrome and can store your favorite colors in a library for convenient reference later on.

  2. What Font - does a great job of giving you instant access to a font family's typeface, size, color and more! This Chrome extension helps you find the perfect font for your project by identifying it anywhere on a web page.

  3. Pic2Pixlr – an online image editor, without leaving Chrome. This Chrome extension instantly sends ANY image to the Pixlr O-Matic, Pixlr Express, or the Pixlr Editor image processing service at where you can edit your images and upload it back to your WIX site.

  4. Icon finder - this Chrome extension offers web designers the ability to search thousands of high-quality icons which can be used on WIX websites.

  5. Page Ruler - Chrome extension that lets you measure any element on your screen and see its position and dimensions. So, you can choose the perfect size for images, videos or other content.

  6. Yet Another Lorem Ipsum Generator - Chrome extension that generates placeholder text with a different Ipsum-Lorem generator. This chrome extension gives you the ability to have more control over how your Lorem ipsum is generated and in what language.

  7. Grammarly - chrome extension for grammar checking, plagiarism detection and spell checking. The chrome browser is no longer limited to just reading webpages; it also makes sure that they're free of all manner of errors!

  8. Axe DevTool - Chrome extension that tests the accessibility of a website by checking it against various guidelines set by the w3c. This Chrome extension is a must-have for every web designer that wants to ensure their site's compliance with accessibility standards!

  9. Clean All - this Chrome extension clears the cache and history of websites you visit often, allowing them to load fresh every time you open them. Now if they're slow due to caching, it's no longer an issue!

Bonus: we found a very handy Chrome extension called SVG Gobbler. SVG Gobbler finds SVG content of a website and lets you download an SVG or export as a PNG.

There are loads of Google Chrome extensions out there that do all sorts of things for people who like an easier online experience when it comes to designing their websites in WIX, so why not give some a try? They're free and easy so what's stopping you? Not only will they make browsing the web much better but they could even speed up your WIX website design process.



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