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Wix Social Posts

Did you know that Wix has a Social Post tool with stunning templates of the day to create daily eye-catching posts for Facebook and Instagram?

How to Create a Social Post

To create a Social Post, go to your Site's dashboard:

  • Click Marketing Tools on the left.

  • Click Social Posts.

  • Hover over and click on a Template or click Create Post.

Wix social posts

You can edit the template just the way you like by adding or changing elements using the icons on the left:

  • Click Design to change the template.

  • Click Background to use a block color, image or pattern. You can add your own images or patterns or use the free Wix ones.

  • Click Text to choose the font for your text.

  • Click Stickers to add additional visual elements. Adding customized stickers takes you to the thousands of free Wix illustrations. Instead you can also use your own images or files that you find online.

Create daily Facebook and Instagram posts

Have a look at how we easily created our own post in a minute by using the above template and simply changing the background image and text and taking the sticker "special offer" out.

Post on Facebook and Instagram

How to Share Your Post on Facebook or Instagram

After you have created your post, click Next to share it on Facebook and/or Instagram. If you want to keep a file on hand, download it.

Share your Wix Social Post on Facebook or Instagram

To share your post on Facebook:

  • Click the Facebook tab.

  • Enter the text that accompanies your post.

  • Click Next.

  • In the popup, log into Facebook with Wix Apps.

Post on Facebook with Wix

To share your post on Instagram:

  • Click the Instagram tab.

  • Enter your country and phone number.

  • Click Send.

  • On your phone, open the text message from "Wix App" and click the link to open your image.

  • For iOS: Save the image to your phone, open the Instagram app and share!

  • For Android: Share your post to Instagram directly from your browser.

To share your Instagram post on your website add the Wix Instagram Feed App to your website or use this free Instagram Widget in an HTML box.

Wixcreate website design

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